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Location Shots
Bugs eye view Tunnel
Principles Office
Jungle Stage:(bathroom staging area)
Ocean Tunnel

Ocean Hallway: beginning with a full Under Ocean “Tunnel” where more of the budget for the hall is apportioned. Foam sculpted waves or walls of water painted with under water subject matter and Dimensional Sea life poking out of the wave to interact with.

Continuing down the hallway: the idea is to continue the idea of being underwater but not full on and leaving room for regular school displays on walls. An idea is to print on ceiling times and underwater looking up graphic. in this way if we need to replace any we can reorder. Hanging down from ceiling can be Jelllyfish and other sea life. small school of fish. on the walls can be large sea weed and creating little mini tunnels every once in a while with heads of other 3 dimensional fish poking out from walls.


Bugs eye view Hallway: A complete 3 dimensional tunnel like the ocean tunnel at the entrance of the other hallway in the STYLE of bugs perspective. It is an above ground theme resembling bugs and jungle life with lots of grass leaves, flowers, and bugs.

    There will be sky and clouds painted on walls and ceiling as well as blades of grass to help blend our giant 3 dimensional blades of grass. We will have large flowers and mushrooms.

    Everything will be from a bugs perspective.


Jungle Stage: Framed by two trees and creating same rock/carpet top stairs that we are making in Kennedy.

    Walls have sculpted animals lining the walls as if they are waiting for the restroom as well. Some animals are on the ground in front of the stage so kids can sit on them. See our current critters we are creating in a similar fashion.

    An idea is to have the eyes of the animals move. Looking back and forth or up and down like the Brady bunch. Maybe even move according to motion sensors.

Principles office: A graphic honoring of Prof. W. H. Burnett on the windows of the principles office.

Proposing a see through graphic of Mr. Burnett on the windows of the principles office.

Making of
New Stuff